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election day draww nearr whatt the campaigns are doing as we enterrthe home stretchh tonight on ox 45 news fe.3 3 3 wwtt the roads 3 3
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th r clearing ann power coming back oo...most &pschools will be open todaa. schools in baltimroo and annn arundel county that will be closed.they're on the ticker e bottom of your sceen. 3 3 3 &p3
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33- this morning many families across maryland are stiil rseling the efs anttouavenot now d w now and some of our best ht - emergency crews want to help. right now... about 4 &pparrmedics... 2 medic uuiis ann one medical asssstance car carrying much needed morning.right now the death toll in new jerrey stands at 8 but is expectee to rise.there &pbusinesses sttlllwithout owe.
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more than 100 homes were lte l anth estroyed.yerd. mar n people of new jersey and new p37:43)from whaa it sounds like they are in some pretty dire need for relief and help from all tte jurisdictions. (38:10)for me it wasn't a ery hard decision i just was thinig that ii i was in that situaaion i would only wa or my ed.frd.wetooop my family supplies are aso ssarce there... linessat gassstations expected to drop into the re - upper 30's.oor crews are expected to stay 7 to 10 days more than 300 thoussnd bge power restooeddsince sandy took down hundreds of trees and so many power lines. but therees still a lot of worr to be donee poel d. ssitis sea n inese e hef..pets
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weereehere at greenspring ave & hillsiie road ann look.. ((ad lib)) t'ws a )k. ll raneeinve w hatwe hillside roaddand look.... ((ad lii)) that's what's hhppeningere.... now let's ook b a aat power. orked on here ith 16 3 dwoe .. made.. after a huge tree fell on power lines. this morning, the llnes are back up.. with new wooden crosses insulators. we caught up to the cromwell brrthers and their elderry mother. the family is keeping warm inside their homm with help from a
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a barree fire to keep warm. &3w
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3 montgomery county residents are dealing with downed trees pront during the storm.more the than four dozen roadss trhoughout the county closed for downed trees or floodiig. rely w andherelo ground is - iges iafai -33will come downnan usually are." d-c and its maryland suburbss assof yeeterday... rews hadd restoredore han 95-percent of customer outaggs following y ompans arr doing what en tnit phey can... to help those affected by hurricane sandy. new york. a-tt& t and t-mobile are teaminggup to share networks... in an effort po help residents get he servicehee need to callor 3&roughly 3-hundred blood drive
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have been canceled... due o supee storm sandy..he out... saying people still need blood... despitthe nas s14 states... thanood el did not ttae placc. typically... the red cross holds about 6-hundred blood drives a ddy. the woman who police believe helled dispose of thh body of p teenaae girl ssoo and killed in baltimore... has turned i49yeldvonal se helling to hid monae urnage's body.thee 13-year-oldddied ii march.two hee whill aying with a gun. alforr is the other of one of the boys accused t cime. she's bei held on the f-i reass al news. .&reinmegood áandá bad & the good news?... crime is down accoss thh country.thh estimated number of violent crimes ádecreesedá or the 5th
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pear in a roo.and the number of propty crimes decreasedd for a 9th consecutive arbaes ene &psignificaatly in altimmre... the city still ranks in tte toppten for murders before adjusting for popullon. new numbers show a slight improvemen.. ii the dropout rate of balttmore city students. students. its showssat 2-ppiit-fivee perct enreda..stened after 4 years.thht means tte &pdropout rate decreased by 30- percent.the city school leadership says a new tudent i-d prrgram is partialll to thanks... for helping to keep betterrack of stents. time....over four or five years" years."the state began following students using a special i-d program 5 years ago. baltimore cityyapproves a ss set se&ces.that's the compan which won the right to build a
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gambling facility... near requires ceasers to share profits with the city. bothh parties sayyit wiil be better ppprove tabbe gaing next weekk u-p-s is eectiga .. ubef pshi. ssason.the company predicts 9-percent rise... which is partll due to aa increase in onlinn shopping.u-p-s plans to hire 55-thousand seasonaa workers in he u-s... to pandle the increased vy!we're giivig away 100 dollar viia giftcards every hour, everyday on ox45 morning news through thanksgivg. 3 you haae 11 minutes to call us prize!want to get your name in e the box?go to facebook dottcom slash foxbaltimore and "contests" to fill out the formnd read the official &prules. 3 the official outt the form and "contes" to coming up onnthe early eddtion... controversial cammaign aas... sprinn up just
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days before he ellcti. elti.elderly people ad: steal this eleccion, i'm n acwnt man lepuh. igt the ads... and he groups behinn them.3 3 ((break ))
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ioux4"thanks giveaway!" giveawaa!"we're givvng way 10dollar visa giftcards everyy our, eryday on o45mog wsg
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you have 15 minutes to call us at 410-481-4545 to claim your e prize!want to et your na in the box?go to ffcebook dot c slash xbaltimore "contests" t form and read the offiiial ((ad lib meteorologist)) ((traffic porter ad libs)) 3
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3 pddlibs)))(traffic reporter p,3 mmteorologist))(((d lib the form aad "ccnnests" to - fill clicc on "contests" to fill out the form and read the officiaa rules. ad lib meteorologistt) 3 3(tra reporter ad liis)) adibs))((traffic reporter 3 3 meteorologist))((ad lib ((add
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lib meteorollgist)) ((traffic repprter ad libs)) 3 3 ad libs))((traffic reporttr ((ad lib the offiiial rules. p(ad lib meteorologistt) 3 meteoorlogist))((ad lib ((ad lii meteorologgst)) 3 ((traffii reporter ad libs)) 3(traffic eporter ((trrffic reporter ad libs))
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3 meteorologist))((ad lib the offfcial out phe form and "ccnneets" too ffll click n foxbaltimore and click on "contests" to fill out thheform and rules. (((d lib meteorolost)) 3 ((traffic reporterrad libs)) 3 3 3 3 3 ads)ra rre3 meteorollgistt)((addlib ((ad lib meteorrlogist)) 3 ((traffic rrporter ad libs)) 33 meteorologist))((ad ibb the form and read the offfcial rules. 3((ad lib meteorrlogist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad llbs)) 3 3 p3 3 coming up... t oriolee fail to coming up... 3 3 3 3 3ad libs)) 3teogt))(li&pruoue a-3te tllck ((ad llb eteorologist)) 3 ((traffireeorter ad libs)) 3-3 3
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3 3 - commng up... the orioles fail to pick up the optioo on o lawhmark reynolls isn't necessarily gone... for good. elddrly people aa: :53 "and if tte republicans steal thii
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election, i'm gonnn track down &pmitt rroney and give him the wwrld's biggest ((leep) punch. fveanoerd nttrof new releases from the president's campp ((break 2))
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3 some controveesial campaign ads- in support offpresident obama - are popping up on t-v and tte internet.melinda
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roeder explains why somm say othees tthnk the just funny. itstanydy. you want dn president obama's campaign raisee ssme eyebrows this month... wiih an ad featuring a young actress comparing voting for obama - to losing he targed at young female voterss... but ssme say it's pemale voters.... taageted at young seemgly virginity. maleottrs.... t some say ng - ''t y.tert nte srlywas evnd p laughiig at it. i "yeah, definitely. i eaa kristen voters.... targeteddat young seemingly virginity.losing her for bama - to comparing voting for obama - to omparing - virginity.seemgly targeted at young emale voterr.... but some ssy it's justillyy "yeahh definitely. i mean i wws laughing at it. i didn't take it seriouslyyis to take ttis stuff eriously."vooers the ad - and asked what they &pthought... 14:19907 ... most weee turned off by the message...nie shabaaz: w rnds avemooner..lie e inth i this one..... from producerr leaningggroup --- ove-on-dot-- org.....elderly people ad: :53 &p"anddif the republicans steal this election, i'm gonna trackk down mitt rrmney and give him sonny, you never heard that phrase - ((leep) punch - hahahahaa."11:06:02 - hocked expression with coolege iils 3 14:27:44 "(hahahaha) nats - what'' the matter, sonny, you never heard that phrase?)"j laskin: 14:28:00 "it's not a seriius ad. it's a gimmicc." make sense or was appropritate. it dn't nvey y ous heec."la: 8: y ct"ahen childrrn singiig from ad).... &
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from a national advertising agency....featuring hildren singinn - very negative lyrics 13:07:57 "this doenothin meeequonis voters....vatz:: 12:20022 "the gonna win anybodd... i'm gging tt vote for barack obama." a lose ce..hee titu..ea nendc. small amount oo voters.... tt go to the is the obama camp just panderinggto the party....???vatz: 12:18:10 "he esn'ttwant to talk aaout to alk about domestic policy, he ants to talk aboutt polittcians focus on key issues - like the economy. kristen fori: 13:07:53 " for me, i wanna vote for somebooy who's goona make a difference." ron shabazz: 14:17:58 "they shouldn't par. they ssould focus on g &ptheir party and what they're
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gonna do better."jay laskin: 14:25:01 "i'd likk to hear more about what they have to weow tuayhemselves."whatever melinda roeder -- fox 45 news at ten. poming up..the raaens... at worr in owings mills. mills.thh buzz at thee castle... ooer the return of ((brk 3) 3
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cominggup in ourr6 o'clock miba...public anta..g the governor f new york is giving... to people who take the rain or a bus. well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the om is filled with all these different kinds ofoffee. actually, i justress this button.
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